Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Chilli

50 Seeds - Trinidad Scorpion ' Butch T' Derived from the Trinidad Scorpion, the Butch T variety is one of the world's hottest peppers, tested at an immense 1,463,400 Scoville Heat Units! Credit should be given to the owner of a hot sauce company who created this exceptional strain. The peppers turn from orange to red and resemble a scorpion's tail. Cultivation The seeds are relatively easy to germinate and are best sown in late winter, but can be sown later. A heated propagator may help as a temperature of 20° C+ is required to sprout the seeds. Providing the plants with nutrients on a weekly basis for best results. Once flowering, dabbing the flowering heads with a paintbrush will help pollinate them. The plants will require a long growing season of around 120 days. Full Instructions Included Quality Guaranteed
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