Queen Victoria Agave - (Agave victoriae-reginae)

10 Seeds - Queen Victoria Agave Agave victoriae-reginae Originating from Mexico, the Queen Victoria agave is a slow-growing drought-tolerant plant. It forms a dense, spherical rosette the size of a basketball. Its fleshy, keeled leaves are dark green to bluish green with distinctive white margins. This effect gives the whole plant the appearance of carved sculpture. It often takes 20 years before Queen Victoria agave blooms; it sends up a spectacular 10 to 15 foot tall stalk loaded with hundreds of small cream and purple-tinted flowers. Germination These seeds are easy to germinate. Use a cactus mix or similar medium, mixed with crushed granite or perlite for drainage. Sow the seeds just below the surface, to approximately their own depth and keep moist but not waterlogged. Keep in a warm sunny place, such as a windowsill and results should appear with one week. Maintain a temperature of 25-30° C by placing the seed tray in a clear plastic bag, or inside a propagator. Long thin seed leaves will appear first before the plant takes shape and is more recognisable as an agave. As the plants grow be mindful not to change their lighting conditions or placement abruptly as this can possibly hinder the plant’s progress. In stock and ready for immediate dispatch with instructions Quality Guaranteed
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