Peter Pecker Pepper Chilli

Peter Pecker Pepper Chilli - 10 Seeds Capsicum annuum var. annuum Special offer: £0.99 instead of £1.99 Peter Pepper, also know as Peter Pecker or Penis Pepper is a relatively rare heirloom variety known for its unusual and amusing shape. Its exact origin is unknown, although it is commonly grown in Louisiana and Eastern Texas as well as Mexico. The unique phallus-shaped fruits grow to around 3-4 inches in length. A single plant can produce up to 100 of these peppers during a season. The peppers have a pungent flavour and medium heat. The seeds will be dispatched with growing instructions. The seeds are of high quality and in the right conditions should see a germination rate of 60% or more. They do not require any specialist knowledge or equipment, although the use of a propagator will help. Quality Guaranteed
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