Octopus Century Plant / Amole ( Agave vilmoriniana)

10 Seeds - Octopus Century Plant( Agave vilmoriniana) This unusual agave comes from Central Mexico where the plants grows on rocky cliffs at medium altitudes. Unlike most agaves, it does not have any spines or thorns, meaning it can be planted anywhere without becoming a danger to man or beast alike. Its unarmed leaves resemble octopus tentacles, reaching out and then twisting back towards the ground. It does not require much maintenance and will grow in adapt perfectly to container growing. It grows relatively quickly, reaching a width of 1.2 - 1.8 metres (4-6 feet) at maturity. In the wild, it produces huge tall flower after 10-15 years. When watered heavily, it will grow much faster and flower as early as five years. Keen to reproduce, the impressive flower stalk will make an abundance of bulbils - small clones of the original plant that will fall to the groundand continue to grow nearby. In addition, pollinated plants produce seeds as well. Culture This is classified as a USD A zone 9a - 11 species, so it is best suited to milder climates, but will tolerate some cold. It can stand winter lows of -6° C (21° F) but in colder climates would be better off inside during the winter. It will grow well all year round in the warmer Pacific and Gulf States of the US A and the Mediterranean areas of Europe. It is not too fussy regarding soil types and can be left to grow with minimal attention. Seeds are easy to germinate and should sprout in a week or two. Sow into a cactus mix and place in a warn sunny place. In stock and ready for immediate dispatch with instructions Quality Guaranteed
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