Inca Berry / Cape Gooseberry / Aztec Berry - Physalis peruviana

100 Seeds - Physalis peruviana Aka: Cape gooseberry, Inca Berry, Aztec berry, Golden berry, Peruvian groundcherry The Cape Gooseberry is an unusual plant. It comes from South America and is not actually a gooseberry. The fruit has an unusual but generally pleasant taste somewhere between a gooseberry, tomato and cherry – sweet with a slight tang. The fruits come encased in a calyx, which turns brown when the fruit is ready. The berries are very nutritious as they contain high levels of protein and vitamins C, A and B12. They are also a good source of cacarotenoids, which can help protect against cancer and heart disease. Germination rate is around 25% and the seeds take about two weeks to sprout. The plants are self fertile and wind pollinating. Fruits develop inside a calyx that turns from green to yellow, and then brown once the fruit is ready to eat. The ripe fruit can be stored for up to a month. In Stock and ready for dispatch with instructions.
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