Catnip Lemon Catnip (Nepeta Cateria ssp. citriodora)

Lemon Catnip ( Nepeta Cateria ssp. citriodora) Minimum 1,000 Seeds This subspecies of the common catnip variety has a pleasant lemon fragrance. The plants are a bit smaller and the leaves are a softer green. Cats are as attracted to this plant as they are with the regular variety. <span style="font-size:13.0pt;font-family: Arial;background: white"> Cultivation - Flowers late summer to early autumn - Easy to grow. Sow in an area of good sunlight - Best sown during spring - Sow directly into the ground or into containers - Water well at first - The plant is not too particular as to the type of compost it is planted in Fast Dispatch - Quality Guaranteed
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