Blue Agave - (Agave tequilana) - Tequila Agave / Agave azul

10 Seeds - Blue Agave Agave tequliana Agave tequiliana is the only species of agave that is certified by the Mexican government for the production of tequila. It is a domesticated species that is mostly grown in Jalisco, Mexico, where it likes the rich, sandy soil and altitude of around 1500m. No wild populations are known to exist. It is fast growing and requires a sunny spot in well drained soil where the temperature will remain above -3° C (25° F). It is possible after several years to see a very tall flower spike emerge from the middle sporting yellow inflorescence. Tequila is made from the heart of the plant, usually when it's in its twelfth year. This very heavy part of the plant is stripped of its leaves and heated to remove the sap which is then heated and distilled. Seeds are quite easy to germinate and should sprout within one month requiring a temperature of 25-30° C (77-86° F) In stock and ready for immediate dispatch with instructions Quality Guaranteed
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